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Let's talk Zombies [0]
Game & EA are friends Again [0]
Valve Keeps Attacking Wallets Worldwide [0]
Obsidian return [11]
Unless you have a tablet [0]
Streamling time for Funcom [0]
THQ lets go some staff members [0]
Mobile Developer cuts staff [0]
EA's new cover revealed for FIFA 13! [0]
Square issues an apology [2]
The US also gets some love from Sony [0]
Online only play from EA. [0]
Old School Action [0]

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Actually this has absolutely nothing to do with Skyrim. At all. [2]
An uncolourful Platformer? How could that be? [3]
As Good as 16-Bit? [0]
Darkness II [2]
The George Smiley of the afterlife [0]
Ain't talkin', just walkin' [3]
"My 49 years have passed like one night's dream. The glories of my life are no more than a cup of sake." [0]
Arkham City [0]
"In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine." [0]
Brothers to the end [1]
"Did you think I was gone forever?" [1]
Look Mom, no controller! [6]
Never piss off someone with a white hair [1]
No Cake? [7]
Please Yourself [9]

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Our Forums are up and running, come on in! [0]
Supporting Kinect [0]
Mmmmmmmm Brains [2]
When the flag drops, the bulls**t stops. [10]
A Good Year [5]
Dear Microsoft... [2]
Long live the plumber [4]
Achievement Unlocked [16]
Entertaining [21]

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“L'Aigle! L'Aigle! Merde aleur!” [0]
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Why Sega will always be a part of my collection [0]
Hey Joe I heard you shot a load of Chimera down [2]
The Revolution will be not be on pocket secretaries. [1]
I can be fussed, to play From Dust, it is a must, it's so good that I cussed. [0]
I can't think of a pun with Legacy in it. I guess that will be me legacy. [0]
"Constable Troller in hot pursuit, Sir!" [0]
"Pvt. Troller reporting to duty Sir!" [1]
Entry 6: RPGs: Another case study/rant [0]
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