Adventures in FDF-land : Random cooping in Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint. The name itself may ring some bells, even more so with the more recent incarnations. I would love to rant so many things which are just wrong about the latest OFP stuff, but that would become bigger f-bomb than AVGN, SpoonyOne and some other known internet entertainers could put together. But dirt sells, so what the fuck right? Nah I'll leave that to some other day - this is all about how much fun such ancient game can be with group of people, a good quality mod with huge-ass archive floating on the internet. FDF is not the only quality OFP mod, but it's the only one where you can find 500+ missions with a single search + it has super sexy explosion sounds.

So let us get started the first part of Adventures in FDF-land : Random cooping in Operation Flashpoint AAR.

We started out with our "classic" mission that translates into "Streetfight in Lipany", a nonsensical mission to just defend the town against enemies and try not to get killed. After suicidial chopers, several minefields and tons of explosives set around the city to bomb a small country up we holed up the mayor's house, fastforward 40 minutes to see something out of Arnold Schwarzennegger Commando- movie.

Sadly one sneaky crewman was hiding behind a bush and used his epic skillboost skills and killed all of us when we finally decided to go out and clear the streets off the remnants.

So we decided to try some random mission off from another island, turned out to be yet another "Defend against six million vehicles and infantry guys with superbuffed AI with just few things while having poor visibility on purpose so the AI vehicles could actually radar some engine-related static object quirks beyond the fogline" mission that was sort of ok, as long as you avoided touching any of the AT missile launchners or NSVs until it was absolutely necessary. You can take a good guess how it ended those two times we tried it out: SNAFU and FUBAR. Also since OFP engine loves oddly shaped corners several explosive circus stunts were made with LAW when the rocket hit an invisible magical pixel blocking the shooter and the flying finns were born.

Next up we decided to play Police Action, something we all knew but hadn't played it in a long time. We decided to split up in two cars early on rather than stick in a single one, but the guy was driving under influence and crashed onto the first NPC car that was driving on the road and we all splattered our heads inside the Saab. Verbal insanity and a restart later we actually got to the first "objective" and here's the details: do something, see some horribly written dialogue, do something, shoot some bad guys, repeat until everyone is either dead or you actually finish the mission as despite being pretty decent the last part likes to give a middle finger to the player unless you want to cheat. However wallhack-AI (thanks to OFP engine limitations, AI wasn't designed wheatfields in mind) sniper did his job pretty well through a wheatfield eventually and we concluded that since we had Saabs and the AI cheats, we've won the mission and the bad guys can go screw themselves.

Since everyone knows in Soviet Russia game plays you, we hopped into the modern Russian Federation instead after the admin figured out that "Hey this 'DRUG LORDS' mission sounds fun." "Oh wait it's this one, let's play it!" and in Russian Federation, game smokes drugs. Our epic MVD team that was supposed to raid some random area and arrest the druglord and repeat it until they all were gone, on gameplay terms this meant murder everyone else in sight besides some random dude you have no clue what he looks like and friendlies, which is entirely appropriate since this is Russia we're talking about after all. Oh and his name was supposedly Boris.

Oh hello there Boris, let's kill the remaining evil henchmen to death and wait until the militia arrives to take him into custody.

However since the militia was recruited out from OFP mission editor and the trainer mr. Mission Maker forgot to either set one init line right or their brains were having a day off, the very first moment the militia arrived they decided to behave as triggerhappy militia does: BOOM HEADSHOT and mission failed.

"Njet parkering here mr. Militia operator!" *BANG*

On to another mission that is good, yet again involving MVD guys taking entire small armies down by themselves. Get in, murder everyone, murder more people, destroy T-55, repeat, repeat, mission won. Since comrade Media was missing here's a stock screenshot of boring footage: RPD vs evil henchman!

Several missions later after swapping island there was some intriguing mission called Operation Disinformation, and we obviously had to try it out. Sounded like your typical WW2 sabotage mission and we were already expecting horrible paradrops in middle of territory filled with KV1s or snipers but lo and behold! It turned out to be the (informally known) ski holiday mission, even more nonsensical mission that has only one single purpose: Mess around with things that can be done with the OFP editor. Biathlon, several slaloms and some random messing later we sadly failed the "stay well during the trip" objective and we had a slalom casualty when one guy rocketed himself into a forest with super speed while going downhill.

A ski vacation? In my military simulation\wargame? But of course, instead of AWOL it's official army leave, and the general staff realised that creativity and in-game mission editor (combined with good set of addons, mod in this context) makes very epic combination from lolraces with ships falling down from the sky to something more serious six hour epics that requires 20 human players to properly finish it.

Which is also the main reason why the game after all these years is still so awesome. Next time we shall peak into some other randomness of the FDF-land and possibly how morally most questionable things may translate so well into a video game from gameplay's point of view.

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Re: Adventures in FDF-land : Random cooping in Operation Flashpoint

I've started playing the newest one and I'm really rather enjoying it. Tongue

I've played the original as well so its not as if I'm unversed in the games true hardcore nature.